HCC demonstrates secure memory power tech at embedded world 2015 (PSDtv)



In this episode of PSDtv HCC Embedded's CEO Dave Hughes explains their fail-safe power managment memory technology for Power Systems Design at embedded world 2015. The demo compares a standard SD card to an eMMC memory device under unexpected power cutoff situations.

HCC Embedded has introduced fail-safe file system support for eMMC Flash that simplifies software integration and guarantees the integrity of data. HCC Embedded’s range of eMMC drivers supports high-performance file operations, fail-safe operations, and secure erase. Devices with JEDEC eMMC 4.4, 5.0, and later interfaces (JESD84-B50) are supported. All file systems are supplied with an advanced test suite to verify correct operation.

eMMC Flash storage is designed to meet high performance and security requirements of deeply embedded systems in devices such as smart phones, point of sale terminals, industrial controllers, and more. The built-in NAND controller enables eMMC to be connected to any processor with a compatible memory interface such as MMC/SDIO. eMMC handles bad-block management, wear leveling, and error correction (ECC), greatly simplifying system design. HCC’s file systems utilize eMMC features such as a guaranteed ‘reliable write’ feature and configurable control of sudden power loss to help create a reliable system.

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