HCTI Design Kit Features Inductance Range of 10-1000uH


High Current Vertical PCB Mounting Inductors

Signal Transformer announces their new High Current Toroidal Inductor (HCTI) Design Kit. This new Design Kit provides a varied selection of toroidal inductors to design engineers who are looking for solutions to support EMI/RFI filtering and energy storage in industrial and consumer goods applications.

The HCTI Design Kit features toroidal inductors that have an inductance range of 10-1000uH, a DC resistance range of 0.005 Ω to 0.3 Ω and a DC rated current ranging from 2.4A to 20A. Signal Transformer products utilize custom design coil construction and ferrite material to have high efficiency through reduced core loss, low magnetic radiation from self-shielding and high energy storage with distributed air gaps. Custom versions are also available upon request for horizontal PCB mounting or non-standard inductances.

For more information, visit www.belfuse.com/power-solutions.