HEITEC at Embedded World 2016: “From the Idea to the Product”



HEITEC at Embedded World will use the slogan "From the Idea to the Product"

At the Embedded World 2016, from February 23rd to the 25, 2016, HEITEC will use the slogan "From the Idea to the Product". By means of six different exhibits in different integration levels, the company shows its expertise in implementing customized industry solutions in Hall 1, Stand 340. Depending on the requirements, software, mechanical and electronic modules from a single source can be used to realize fast, low risk and cost-effective system solutions. In addition, HEITEC for the first time presents the new, re-organized European sales network, to further improve customer proximity and access to the services of its Electronics business unit.

Demo Highlights
For use in telecommunications HEITEC designed a customized high-end system platform based on the AdvancedTCA standard. This architecture is optimized for telecom applications and has been specially adapted by HEITEC according to the requirements of the customer application. In addition, a high-performance cooling concept and improved high-speed transmission on the backplane was added. The result: More power, higher data throughput on the backplane, high availability and cost reduction through an innovative packaging concept.

Serving as an example of a system solution for the transportation market HEITEC shows a customized CompactPCI-based system platform for complex data processing in the area of railways. For this application a vibration and shock tested platform had to be designed, developed and manufactured according to the EN 50 155 standard.

In the field of medical systems HEITEC shows an industrial PC solution for controlling an eye laser application. The customer’s specific requirements were implemented in terms of graphics performance and long-term system availability.

For the aerospace industry, the company had received an order for development, verification and completion of a rugged VMEbus system platform for testing purposes, including all steps from conception to qualification. The key requirements were: Covering capacity bottlenecks, upgrade capability and compliance with the high quality and regulatory standards. For this, HEITEC could leverage many years of expertise in aerospace and from a wide range of standard technology.

The installation of the "Demo Suitcase HEITEC 4.0", which is a system solution including sensors, measurement, electronics, automation technology, M2M communication, intuitive user interfaces and SAP integration, will allow visitors to take a look at the potential of advanced industrial applications. This system solution provides the basis for the fast and successful implementation of a networked production in terms of Industry 4.0.

The demo "Expertise out of the Box" demonstrates the possibilities of HEITEC’s mounting systems based on a comprehensive range of housing components - from standard systems to customer-specific solutions.

While it appears like a suitcase, the modified HeiCase can open on a standard side and a custom side, proving that even "folding" enclosure technology is not a problem.

Service Synergies Resulting From a New Competence Center and a Complete Standard Product Portfolio
The presentation of product samples and sample projects for different target markets illustrates the respective service benefits and market advantages. Consulting, design, an extensive modular housing concept, integration, manufacturing, test and services are bundled in the new competence center under one roof and generate synergies that can be used for the customer’s successful product management. Coordinated processes - parallel and cross-divisional - enable technologically and commercially leading solutions for an accelerated market entry.

Specially for regulated markets and technically very demanding applications, concept studies can be retrieved, which may avoid later costly repairs, allow simulations for verification and certification, and provide technological know-how for resiliency and complex technical implementations.

Another exhibition focus comprises examples from HEITEC’s extensive standard product portfolio for optimal electronic packaging systems. A very good example is the robust HeiCase family, which provides a high degree of modularity and stability when using it as a system case or a desktop case. It is now also available with casters.