HEITEC offers high-performance process-control solution



HEITEC process-control solution

HEITEC recently presented its latest solutions for efficient production at SPS IPC Drives 2013 in Nuremberg, using their latest complex, highly available system solution for an industrial controlling unit. The demonstration emphasized the implementation, which includes the conceptual design, development of individual components, FPGA design, chassis development, and board integration.

A system for use in process controlling requires high performance, real-time capabilities, data throughput, fail-safe operation, and robust thermal properties, all of which were incorporated into the design of all system elements from the very beginning. Aspects such as the cost-optimized production of the complete solution and a long service life to protect the investment were also taken into consideration.

As a service provider, HEITEC is keenly aware of market requirements thanks to the company's decades of experience in the automation sector. It can thus use this expertise and knowledge from other fields in electronics to synergistically implement cutting-edge, cost-efficient solutions. Since taking over Rittal's complete portfolio of electronic construction systems in early 2013, HEITEC can also draw from an abundance of resources and offers unprecedented product depth in this area. Depending on the need and integration level, the solutions comprise standard components, pre-assembled housing parts, system housing and pre-integrated systems, as well as complete solutions.

This combination of hardware, software, electronics, mechanics, internal synergies, and expertise guarantees customers quick marketability. Furthermore, by considering potential follow-up costs, implementation of the desired solution is guaranteed to be technologically advanced, high quality, and cost-efficient. The comprehensive HEITEC services also include validation, testing, (re)certifications, and longevity of supply guarantees.