HEITEC to present at Embedded World 2017



HeiPac Vario HEAVY subrack

At the Embedded World 2017 in Nuremberg (March 14-16, 2017), HEITEC will be presenting its latest system solutions in hall 1-booth 340 under the motto "From the idea to the product". In addition to a new standard subrack family - HeiPac Vario HEAVY - the company, with the help of a series of exhibits of different design levels, is demonstrating its expertise in the implementation of tailor-made modules consisting of software, mechanics and electronics. Both standard-based and customer-specific implementations for various target segments, e.g. energy and medical technology, industry, transport and communication, document the decisive added value of precisely coordinated development, electronic packaging and manufacturing from a single source for the customer. And this is independent of whether it involves software development, assembly, system integration or complete solutions.

HeiPac Vario HEAVY
The new HeiPac Vario HEAVY subrack family has been designed for mobile applications and harsh environments. It features a high-quality aluminum construction, reinforced flanges and double-screwed profile rails to achieve the necessary high shock and vibration resistance as well as the mechanical load-bearing capacity e.g. required by railway technology applications. Accordingly, the subrack family is shock and vibration tested according to EN 50 155 as well as DIN EN 61587-2.

To demonstrate this, a HeiPac Vario HEAVY chassis is mounted on a symbolized shock swing table at the booth. However, not only the stability and reliability of this line is attractive: the comprehensive range of accessories, the IEC 60 297-3-compliant insertion system, the rear-mounted expansion for bus board mounting and the standardized perforated grid walls open up virtually unlimited possibilities for expansion and use. In addition, the HeiPac Vario HEAVY can be retrofitted for EMV with minimal effort.

Systems integration and manufacturing:
Control unit for LIQUIDYN’s high performance valve technology
For LIQUIDYN, a leading supplier of non-contact valve technology, HEITEC assembled mechanics and electronics for the control unit of high-performance jet valves for adhesive dosing, according to customer specifications. As a fast implementation was imperative due to the dramatically increased market demand, the HeiPac Vario series, which is ideally suited for this application area due to its compactness and stability, was chosen as the basis and it was combined with the PLC and pneumatic components. HEITEC was responsible for the procurement and complete system integration. Requirements such as impermeability, high precision as well as robustness against overpressure and moisture had to be considered. Following the successful completion of the test, HEITEC was able to meet the requirements of delivering several hundred systems within a very short time frame.

Procurement management, electronics development and hardware design:
For Implen GmbH, HEITEC developed a carrier board for the processor module of a laboratory analyzer, took over the selection of the entire electronics part and also designed the hardware based on the defined system requirements. The final device is being deployed for fluid analysis in laboratories of the industry and research institutes - often for various purposes as well as mobile.

As a result, extensive control functionality as well as a complex operating system, software and interface implementation is required. Compactness, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency played an equally important role in the selection of electronics and components as technical aspects, e.g. the battery and heat management. HEITEC took over the supply chain management, the complete manufacturing and test for the project. The customer received a compact, tested device with comprehensive functionality from a single source.

Highly available system concepts for energy technology and telecommunications
Redundancy and high availability play an important role in energy supply and telecommunications. HEITEC designed the optimum system solutions, based on the AdvancedTCA architecture combined with other elements adapted to these areas of deployment and modular housing technology. For the computer-controlled inverter and connection system of a modern power supply network, HEITEC implemented a robust housing design including highly reliable control electronics. For use in telecommunications, HEITEC developed a customer-specific high-end system platform, which was supplemented by a high-performance cooling concept and optimized high-speed transmission on the backplane. The result: More performance, higher data throughput, high availability and cost reduction.