Hendrix spacer cable systems empower distribution infrastructure upgrades



Hendrix, a premier provider of high-quality overhead and underground power distribution products, presents Hendrix Spacer Cable for upgrading distribution infrastructure. Whatever the challenge posed by your existing infrastructure, including upgrading circuits in alleyways, road widening projects, backlot bare wire services, or reconductoring existing circuits, Spacer Cable can offer lower project and operations costs, a shortened timeline, and improved reliability. Additionally, these solutions can satisfy Public Utility Commission (PUC) requirements for distribution infrastructure improvements.

Spacer Cable’s compact configuration and versatility make it the ideal solution for reconductoring alleyways, where trenching or directional boring for underground circuits can be cost-prohibitive, and required clearances for conventional open wire systems pose significant problems. For road widening projects, Spacer Cable’s compact configuration and the ability to build the spacer cable circuit on either side of the pole can eliminate right-of-way challenges when relocating distribution circuits.

For backlot bare wire service in older neighborhoods, Spacer Cable addresses all the issues associated with potential power quality deterioration due to backyard planting interference with distribution lines, restriction of trimming for aesthetic reasons, and access concerns. Spacer Cable can withstand temporary contact with branches without flickers or outages, improving both aesthetics and access, as tree trimming can be less frequent and less extensive.

For reconductoring distribution lines, new Spacer Cable circuits can often be installed under existing energized circuits. The original circuit can be left in service or a double Spacer Cable circuit installed, saving time and money while providing continual service. All Spacer Cable projects are supported by Hendrix complete engineering services, which provide technical assistance from design through inspection and preventative maintenance.