Hermetically sealed SMT tantalum hi-rel capacitors from AVX enable payload reduction



AVX, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, has recently developed new hermetically sealed SMD tantalum polymer hi-rel capacitors offering very low ESR, high capacitance and high voltage. The improved construction of the new capacitors allows the devices to be used for European aerospace applications and offers a significant payload reduction for power supplies. New TCH series hermetically sealed SMD tantalum chip capacitors with polymer electrode have been specifically developed in a project with ESA for mission critical systems with the need for large capacitance and low ESR. Tantalum polymer capacitor technology offers the benefits of much lower ESR values, lower derating and higher ripple current capabilities. However, its sensitivity to the combination of high temperature and humidity conditions has so far restricted its use in the aerospace industry. By now placing the polymer capacitor into a hermetically sealed SMD case filled by an inert gas, a much improved stability has been achieved. The hermetical sealing suppresses humidity and oxidative degradations. TCH series hermetically sealed SMD tantalum chip capacitors benefit from a low ESR conductive polymer electrode, high capacitance values of up to 680μF and high voltage of up to 100V. This is the highest voltage currently available on the market for SMD tantalum polymer space grade capacitors. Hermetic packaging using a ceramic case eliminates the impact of environmental conditions and offers excellent stability in humidity conditions and ambient atmosphere exposure. Available in a 9 case size (11.8 x 12.5 x 5.8mm) and fully compatible to the CTC21D case size, TCH series capacitors feature a very low weight of only 2.4g. AVX