High-Accuracy Current Transducer Measures up to 1200Arms


Targets testing of high-power converters for today’s electric and hybrid vehicles

Taastrup, Denmark...Danisense announced the DM1200, a high-accuracy current transducer capable of measuring signals up to 1200Arms and 1500A DC. Specifically targeting the eV and heV markets which requires higher power converters that can be rapidly-charged, the DM1200 also features a large, 45mm diameter aperture which makes testing easier and more cost-effectively as frequent installation and replacement of the system under test can be performed without the need to remove the primary cable connector.

Like all Danisense current sensors, the DM1200 is based on a closed loop system, powered by a flux gate as the magnetic field detector. This zero-flux technology enables the DM1200 to feature excellent linearity of <1ppm with a very low offset of 12ppm and very low amplitude and phase shifts. These parameters are critical for accurate measurement of the efficiency of the converter, as they cause measurement errors.

Comments Henrik Elbaek, CEO, Danisense A/S: “The E-mobility industry is a game-changer for power converter test and measurement tools. The increase in power combined with higher switching frequencies means that we must deliver higher performance, rugged and very accurate products, and the DM1200 is our first product to be specifically-designed to meet all these requirements.

The DM1200 also features a high bandwidth of up to 300kHz, to match increased switching speeds, especially of SiC and GaN devices. In order to shield against EMC disturbances caused by these high frequency signals, the DM1200 incorporates a metal body as a shield. Horizontal and vertical fixations are included to provide flexibility for the test bench mechanical design.

The DM1200 is part of a range of high-accuracy current sense transducers from Danisense that spans 50 to 10,000 Arms.

Website: www.danisense.com