High-Current, Low-Profile SMT Inductors



SAN DIEGO -- Pulse Electronics introduces a new series of high-current, low-profile SMT inductors. These products offer the highest energy storage density of any inductor on the market. The inductors have high current (>40Apk) and low profile (2.1mm to 5.0mm) features, and they offer soft saturation, no thermal aging, and industry standard footprints.

The new composite core shielded inductor series is designed for use in a wide range of power topologies, as well as in applications requiring current up to 40Apk and inductances below 4.7uH.

The PA5001, PA5002, PA5003, PA5004, PA5005, PA5006, and PA5007 series of high current SMT molded power inductors offers five platform sizes ranging from 4 x 4 to 8 x 8mm, and a low-profile height down to 2.1mm. In addition, all parts of these composite core inductors offer full shielded construction. The core material makes soft saturation possible, without the detrimental effects of thermal aging.

The PA5001, PA5002, PA5003, PA5004, PA5005,PA5006, and PA5007 series is ideal for use in a variety of applications where high efficiency and a small size matter. This may include the datacom, computing, and industrial applications.

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