High-Current PTVS Diode Capable of Handling 20 kA Surge Current


Higher surge handling capability helps reduce total BOM count and saves board space in high power DC line protection applications

High Current PTVS Diode Capable of Handling 20 kA Surge Current

­Bourns, Inc., introduced a bidirectional power transient voltage suppressor (PTVS) diode designed for high power DC line protection applications. The new Model PTVS20-015C-TH is capable of handling 20 kA current surge at a low voltage of 15 V making it an ideal and effective electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection solution for applications that require high power DC bus protection.

The Bourns Model PTVS20-015C-TH PTVS diode meets IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4 ESD protection requirements. It also features low clamping voltage at peak pulse current and assists in meeting IEC 61000-4-5 8/20 μs current surge requirements for lightning protection.

In order to support large currents such as 60 kA in next-generation applications, designers typically have had to connect many devices with low current handling capability in parallel. With a single device capable of handling 20 kA, a fewer number of devices can now be connected in parallel to achieve the same desired protection level. This reduces the total BOM count and can help save valuable space on the PCB.

Bourns Model PTVS20-015C-TH is available now and is RoHS compliant and halogen free. For more detailed product information, please go here.