High-density DC/DC converter modules target fuel-cell driven applications



Powerstax, a specialty provider of highly-optimized power sources, has released a series of DC-DC converter power modules specifically aimed at fuel cell power generation. The modules in the FC series accept 50V to 120V input direct from many popular fuel cells and deliver a stabilized output of up to 500W. Power efficiency levels are up to 91%. They are offered in an industry standard full brick (11.68cm x 6.10cm x 1.27cm) format, with power densities of up to 5.53W/cm3. To increase flexibility, the FC series is available with output voltages of 12VDC, 24VDC, 28VDC and 48VDC. Over-voltage, under-voltage and short-circuit protection mechanisms have been integrated into each module. In addition, a proprietary monitoring feature safeguards against system failure conditions arising. Active load sharing means that the output from an array of multiple modules can be maximized. The FC series has an operational temperature range of -20°C to +100°C, with a MTBF value of 1.1 million hours assuring continued system reliability. "There is a growing need for fuel cell technology in many sectors including large or small fixed installations, as well as portable and e-mobility/transportation." states Rob Hill, Director of Sales & Marketing at Powerstax. "Powerstax has a long history in highly reliable power systems and is rapidly becoming more and more involved in the fuel cell arena, both with our off-the-shelf solutions like the FC series but also with full custom, intelligent solutions which are tailored for individual customer needs." Powerstax