High Density Internal Ac-Dc Power Supplies for Medical Uses


CUI has announced the addition of four high-density ac-dc power supply series to its medical product family.

The VMS-450B, VMS-450B-CF, VMS-450B-CFS, and VMS-450B-CNF offer 450 W of continuous power from compact chassis mount packages. These ac-dc supplies have been designed for space-constrained medical and dental applications where reliability and regulatory compliance are major concerns.

The VMS-450B, VMS-450B-CF, VMS-450B-CFS, and VMS-450B-CNF comply with the medical 60601-1 edition 3.1 safety standards for 2 x MOPP applications and 4th edition EMC requirements. These internal medical power supplies additionally offer 5 Vdc AUX output, power factor correction, and over temperature, over voltage, over current, and short circuit protections.

With an industry standard 3" x 5" footprint and an open frame package, the VMS-450B is ideal for applications with less space and heat management outside of the unit. The VMS-450B-CF, VMS-450B-CFS, and VMS-450B-CNF come in a metal case with various fan configurations for ultimate flexibility;

VMS-450B-CF - Top Fan
• VMS-450B-CFS - Side Fan
• VMS-450B-CNF - No Fan
• VMS-450B - Open Frame

The VMS-450B, VMS-450B-CF, VMS-450B-CFS, and VMS-450B-CNF are available immediately with prices starting at $150.98 per unit at 10 pieces through distribution. Please contact CUI for OEM pricing or modified & custom designs.

View details for the VMS-450B-CF series (https://www.cui.com/product/internal-ac-dc-power-supplies/chassis-mount/vms-450b-cf-series)
View details for the VMS-450B-CFS series (https://www.cui.com/product/internal-ac-dc-power-supplies/chassis-mount/vms-450b-cfs-series)
View details for the VMS-450B-CNF series (https://www.cui.com/product/internal-ac-dc-power-supplies/chassis-mount/vms-450b-cnf-series)