High Efficiency MIL COTS Power Solutions from Powerstax



Powerstax, one of Europe's leading application-rich power solutions manufacturers, announces the publication of its new MIL COTS Power Solution short-form catalogue which outlines the wide range of high efficiency power supplies now available from Powerstax for Military and Non-Tactical, fixed and mobile communications and security systems. The Powerstax MIL COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) power supply range includes a number of single and multi-output DC:DC converters, switching regulators, pre-regulator and hold-up modules and EMC filters. Powerstax also offer an AC:DC active power factor correction (PFC) module to provide front-end power conditioning for high input voltage DC-DC modules. Wide use of surface-mount technology in the PFC module ensures high power density and reliability. For mains powered applications the Powerstax N Series of open frame switch-mode power supplies provide high efficiency (up to 92%) power conversion, in an ultra low 1U high and compact package making it ideal for applications using industry standard 1U chassis. The series includes I²C communication for added functionality and monitoring, N+1 redundancy and is available in single (plus standby) and multiple output versions. For high power applications the Powerstax TVS1001 offers a 1000W DC-DC step-up and step-down power conversion module developed specifically for vehicle mounted systems operating in harsh environmental conditions. With high system efficiency, typically 86% over a wide power range, output power is maximised while heat dissipation is minimised. Powerstax offers value added modifications to all models in their MIL range including conformal coating, chassis and cover, fan assemblies and other special requirements as required. Their in-house design and engineering team will design, develop and supply value-added and custom power solutions to meet customer's exact needs. Tim Worley, CEO of Powerstax comments;" Our engineers possess a wealth of expertise and experience in the research, development and manufacture of both AC and DC power solutions. Powerstax operates as an extension to our customer's own design team to produce the fastest, most elegant and cost effective power solution." Typical applications for Powerstax MIL COTS power solutions include defence, homeland security, avionics, shipboard and ground systems and mobile/vehicle mounted equipment. www.powerstaxplc.com