High-frequency OCXO reference clock serves ADC & DAC applications


High-frequency OCXO reference clock serves ADC & DAC applications

Addressing the growing demand for low phase noise reference clocks for ADC and DAC, IQD's new IQOV-150 series OCXO is available at frequencies up to 1.2GHz. Based on an internal high-frequency OCXO with additional frequency multiplication and special filtering, the device achieves a phase noise down to -160dBc/Hz @ 100kHz.

Housed in an industry-standard IEC C008 5-pin Euro package measuring 36 x 27mm (16mm or 19mm high depending upon specification), the OCXO has a frequency stability of 0.5ppm over an operating temperature range from -20° to +60°C as well as a pulling capability of 3ppm minimum. Working off a supply voltage of 12 Volts, the IQOV-150 offers Sinewave output of 0 to 13dBm into 50ohms.

Designed and manufactured in Germany at IQD FOQ GmbH, the IQOV-150 series is suitable for applications which require a very high reference clock frequency together with low phase noise. Due to the flexible nature of the design, alternative specifications to suit customer's specific applications can also be readily developed. For more information visit www.iqdfrequencyproducts.com.