High Output Copper Clip DFN for Discrete MOSFETs in Ultra High Density Leadframes



Dr. John Nelson, President and CEO, UTAC

­UTAC Holdings Ltd. (UTAC) is announcing a punch copper (Cu) clip packaging solution for power MOSFET market. 

MOSFETs are key switching devices, used in every power application. To meet demanding thermal, efficiency and size challenges in end applications, performance of these devices needs to continue to evolve – especially for high performance applications such as DC-DC converters in notebook computers, graphics cards and motherboards.

There is significant capacity of MOSFET assembly and test. But UTAC’s in-line / modular assembly process provides a very cost effective assembly and test solution. 

The copper clip technology not only provides better electrical performance compared with wire bond packages but also provides enhanced thermal path within the package, ensuring that the MOSFET runs cooler, thereby enhancing reliability and enabling greater power densities. The compact MOSFET Cu clip maintains the common package industry footprint of 5 x 6 mm.

Dr. John Nelson, President and CEO, UTAC comments, “Packaging of discrete devices plays a key role in the performance of power solutions. Our new discrete Cu clip line will provide a cost effective solution for our customers.”

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