High-Output High-Bay LED Fixture With Remote Power Supply


New 72,000 Lumen Package Offers 149 Lumens/Watt for High-Efficiency Lighting at Mounting Heights of 60 feet (18 meters) or More

FARMINGDALE, N.J. – Dialight launched its new 72,000 lumen Vigilant High Output High Bay fixture, designed to deliver optimum illumination at mounting heights above 60 feet (18 meters).

The fixture is the first Dialight product to feature the company’s new custom-designed remote power supply that can be mounted up to 200 feet away from the fixture. This results in a much smaller fixture profile, making it easy to mount even where limited ceiling space is available. The power supply can also be located safely outside of the lighted environment for maximum installation flexibility.

The new High Output LED fixture expands on Dialight’s existing 45,000- and 60,000-lumen high-output products with 19 percent greater lumen efficiency, now up to 149 lumens/watt, to provide high-efficient lighting for lofty warehouses, shipyards, manufacturing and other applications with extremely high mounting height requirements.

Dialight will offer a version of this fixture with onboard occupancy sensor for mounting heights up to 40 feet, to enable even greater energy savings. The new High Output LED fixture is designed to be utilized globally, with UL-1598/A, CE, RCM and ENEC listings.

Dialight’s precision optics direct the light where it’s needed—in the work plane—without wasting light on the walls or ceilings. The new High Output LED fixture is also available with a new up-light diffuser accessory that projects 7% of light output upward onto the ceiling where desired.

The High Output LED fixture carries an industry leading 10-year warranty covering the entire fixture.