High-Performance Tennis Court Lighting by Access Fixtures



Access Fixtures has introduced two new high-performance outdoor tennis court lighting packages to its lineup of recreational level tennis packages. The packages are available with either six poles and six luminaires or eight poles and eight luminaires. The 6 fixture package boasts an average of 22 footcandles and a max/min ratio of 1.47. The 8 fixture package emits more light with 30 average footcandles and a max/min ratio of 1.5. Both packages utilize the new CARI sports lighter fixture, 20 foot square steel poles, and the necessary mounting hardware. These new tennis court lighting packages were designed for recreational level tennis. To view all of Access Fixtures' tennis packages including competition-level packages, click here.

"These two new tennis court packages carry the benefit of being incredibly cost effective as well as bright and efficient," says Access Fixtures CEO Steve Rothschild. "These packages provide excellent light for recreational tennis and will last for years and years."

The fixture included in the new tennis court lighting packages is the new CARI, which is a sleek 420 watt fixture that boasts an astonishing 59,200 lumens, or 140 lumens per watt. CARI is cost effective and durable, with an IP rating of 66 that protects it against rain, snow, and dust. CARI is manufactured with a die cast aluminum housing finished in a durable bronze powder coat. CARI is an extreme life fixture, L70 rated at over 150,000 hours for years of maintenance-free use. The fixture comes with a slipfitter mount when in the tennis package but is also available with a yoke mount or a direct pole mount. CARI is also available in 347-480v as well as standard voltage. CARI, like most Access Fixtures luminaires, is guaranteed under a 5-year warranty.

For more information, visit Access Fixtures at www.AccessFixtures.com.