High-Speed Compact Fuses use up to 48% Less Enclosure Space



Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., has stock for immediate shipment of multiple values of the Eaton Bussmann High Speed fuses, also called “semiconductor fuses” to reference what they are protecting. Ranging from 50-400 amp, these 500V AC/DC compact fuses use up to 48 percent less enclosure space when compared with traditional high speed, round body fuses. The innovative design allows for a significantly smaller package without compromising heat rise performance. Other sizes are available from 130-1,000V AC/DC and up to 4,000A.

Round-body bolted style high-speed fuses are the most common in North America for protecting power semiconductor devices. Semiconductor devices can withstand high currents for only an extremely short period of time. The overcurrent protective device selected must also limit the overvoltage during fault interruption. The only overcurrent protective device with all these qualities is the modern high-speed fuse, commonly referred to as a “semiconductor fuse” or “I2t fuse”).

Eaton’s Electrical Vehicle or EV fuses are specifically designed to protect sensitive electric and hybrid automotive equipment, including high voltage, high capacity batteries, power conversion equipment, contactors, cabling, and other auxiliary circuits. The EV fuses are available in four case sizes and protect high power battery charging and management systems up to 500 Vdc in ratings from 50 to 400 amps.

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