High-Speed Protector Responds in Less Than 1µs



Bourns Transient Blocking Units (TBU) high-speed protectors are circuit protection devices constructed using MOSFET semiconductor technology. When placed in a series in the system, the TBU protector monitors the current flowing through the line. If the current exceeds a preset level, the TBU device triggers, providing an effective barrier to large, destructive voltages or currents during surge events, thereby protecting sensitive electronics.

The TBU device operates in approximately 1μs - once the line current exceeds the TBU device’s trigger current ITRIGGER. When operated, the TBU device restricts line current to less than 1mA typically, and blocks voltages including the surge up to rated limits. After the surge, the TBU automatically resets itself when the voltage across the TBU device falls to the reset voltage or below.

With extremely low let-through energy, the TBU can block voltages up to 850V and does not add capacitance to the signal line. Available in a dual or single configuration, uni- and bi-directional, and in very low profile DFN packages.

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