High-temperature SiC junction transistors offered in hermetic packages



GeneSiC Semiconductor, a leader in Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductors, announced the immediate availability of a family of high-temperature packaged 600 V SiC Junction Transistors (SJT) in 3- to 50-Amp current ratings in JEDEC industry-standard through hole and SMT packages. Incorporating these high temperature, low on-resistance, high frequency SiC Transistors in hermetic packages, high temperature solders and encapsulation will increase conversion efficiency and reduce the size/weight/volume of high temperature power conversion applications. Examples include contemporary high temperature power supply, motor control and actuator circuits used in oil/gas/downhole and aerospace applications suffer from lack of availability of a viable high temperature Silicon Carbide solution.

Silicon transistors suffer from low circuit efficiencies and large sizes because they suffer from high leakage currents and low poor switching characteristics. Both these parameters become worse at higher junction temperatures. With thermally constraint environments, junction temperatures rise quite easily even when modest currents are passed. Hermetically packaged SiC transistors offer unique characteristics that promise to revolutionize the capability of downhole and aerospace applications. GeneSiC’s 650 V/3-50 A SiC Junction Transistors feature near zero switching times that does not change with temperature. The 250oC junction temperature-rated devices offer relatively large temperature margins for applications that are operating under extreme environments.

Junction Transistors offered by GeneSiC exhibit ultra-fast switching capability, a square reverse biased safe operation area (RBSOA), as well as temperature-independent transient energy losses and switching times. These switches are gate-oxide free, normally-off, exhibit positive temperature co-efficient of on-resistance, and are capable of being driven by commercial, commonly available 15 V IGBT gate drivers, unlike other SiC switches. While offering compatibility with SiC JFET drivers, SiC Junction Transistors can be easily paralleled because of their matching transient characteristics.

"As downhole and aerospace application designers continue to push the limits of operating frequency, while still demanding high circuit efficiencies, they need SiC switches which can offer a standard of performance, reliability and production uniformity. Utilizing the unique device and fabrication innovations, GeneSiC’s SJT products help designers achieve all that in a more robust solution. These products complement the hermetic packaged SiC rectifier released last year by GeneSiC, and the bare die products released earlier this year, while paving the way for us to offer high temperature, low-inductance, power modules in the near future " said Dr. Ranbir Singh, President of GeneSiC Semiconductor.

All devices are 100% tested to full voltage/current ratings and housed in hermetic packages. Technical Support and SPICE circuit models are offered. The devices are immediately available from GeneSiC Directly and/or through its Authorized Distributors.

GeneSiC Semiconductor