High visitor satisfaction noted from PCIM 2013



The 7,883 visitors (from 53 different countries) were very satisfied with PCIM Europe 2013, according to the final analysis. Thanks to the exhibitor variety and the huge topic diversity, 95% of all visitors were able to fulfil their personal task for the exhibition. Main reasons to visit PCIM Europe were to get a general market overview, track down new products and trends and to maintain existing business contacts. PCIM Europe is definitely heading in the right direction: 93% of all visitors plan to come back for PCIM Europe 2014. The visitor portfolio at PCIM Europe 2013 consisted mainly of experts coming from the Electrical Engineering/Electronics and from the Renewable Energy/Energy Management industry (66%). Together they played a main part in creating a trade fair with a business atmosphere. 99% of all visitors would recommend visiting PCIM Europe. PCIM Europe Conference Equals Knowledge Exchange Market PCIM Europe's leading market position is being reflected in its exceptional conference. 726 attendees (55% internationals), coming from 26 different countries presented and discussed new trends, developments and solutions referring to the Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, Energy Management and E-Mobility industry. The Call for Papers for PCIM Europe 2014 will have its focus on the topic: Wind and Solar - Integration, Challenge and Solutions. PCIM Europe 2013