High-Voltage Power Supplies Offer Advanced Interfaces



Dean Technology, Inc. announced the availability of advanced interface options on the UMR-AA and UMR-A series of high voltage power supplies. Using additional pins, the advanced interface options provide for enhanced adjustment and monitoring features consistent with industry standards and known customer needs. The V05 and V10 options are available with +5VDC and +10VDC reference, control and monitoring respectively.

The advance interface options allow both the power supply output voltage and current to be monitored and adjusted with the same scaling and include a +5VDC or +10VDC reference voltage. Signals are from 0 to +5VDC (V05) and 0 to +10VDC (V10) for all models and polarities of both the UMR-AA and UMR-A series. Output monitoring signals are fully buffered with high input impedance to ensure consistent accuracy regardless of load conditions. The low impedance outputs provided by these options also have a programming accuracy that makes them ideal for integration into any variety of systems including those with digital and PLC control.

“DTI is filling out our standard power supply offerings exceptionally quickly,” said Scott Wilson Power Supply Product Manager for Dean Technology. “The V05 and V10 options are important additions, and provide the substructure needed for many of the products to come. I am very excited to have all of this available for our customers at unbeatable pricing.”

All models in the UMR-AA and UMR-A series are available with the V05 and V10 advanced interface options immediately, and ready for use in countless applications.

More information about Dean Technology’s entire line of standard high voltage power supplies is available on the company’s website.