Highest Power Density Planar Transformer from Payton



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Payton has introduced the highest Power Density Planar Transformer available for use in SMPS. The power density is +2,500 Watts/In3 .The transformer is designed to accept a wide range of input from 200 to 700 Vdc and have an output of 150 to 300Vdc. The total output power is 8000 Watts provided the transformer is mounted on a 600C cool plate. Switching frequency is 200kHz and the topology is Half Bridge ZVT. The weight is 170grams with the maximum dimensions of 2.2"x2.2"x0.67" . Payton America Inc., a Deerfield Beach, Florida company, designs, manufactures and markets Planetics®, a custom line of planar transformers and inductors to Original Equipment Manufacturers and their suppliers of power electronics. Payton's headquarter is in Israel, with manufacturing in Israel, Florida and China. For more information, please visit Payton's web site at www.paytongroup.com