Highly integrated PFC IC addresses compact consumer products and computing apps



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Targeting consumer devices and other mainstream product applications, the HiperPFS-2 family of high-efficiency, active-PFC ICs from Power Integrations serves offline applications from 100 W to 380 W. The devices combine a boost PFC controller, driver, PFC MOSFET, PFC diode and protection circuitry in a single package, enabling exceptionally compact designs and applications such as small-form-factor power supplies used in mini-tower PCs, all-in-one PCs, game console adapters and TVs. The HiperPFS-2 controller uses a variable-frequency CCM algorithm, providing up to 97% efficiency across the load spectrum from 20% to 100% and power factor greater than 0.9 at 20% load with 265 VAC input for designs over 200 W. Including line-connected sense elements, the device contributes just 60 mW to a typical high-power adapter's 300 mW no-load budget. Conducted and radiated EMI are minimized due to the integrated a soft-recovery diode and a short parasitic inductance loop which results from the highly integrated, compact design. According to Edward Ong, a product-marketing manager for Power Integrations, "we believe the HiperPFS-2 device is the most highly-integrated PFC solution currently available. This device enables designers to do things such as cost-effectively meet the 80 PLUS® Gold and Platinum efficiency standards in space-constrained PCs, for example. The device's excellent no-load performance simplifies design and reduces cost in high-power adapter applications targeting aggressive standby or no-load specifications." Key applications for HiperPFS-2 ICs include TVs, PCs, game console adapters, telecoms and industrial products such as blowers, motor drives and chargers. A new reference design based on the HiperPFS-2 IC, RDR-294, describes a 350 W output power boost CCM PFC board with wide range AC input. RDR-294 is able to attain > 97% efficiency for 230 VAC across a wide load range and > 0.9 PF at 20% load. HiperPFS-2 devices are sampling now in Power Integrations' innovative eSIP-16 package, which features an isolated metal heatsink pad for simple and easy clip mounting. HiperPFS-2 family devices are priced from $0.959 each in 10K quantities. Power Integrations