Hill International to manage the construction of seven wind farms in Brazil


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Hill International, a leader inmanaging construction risk,
announced today that its Brazilian subsidiary Engineering S.A.
has received a contract from Contour Global
to provide project management services during construction of seven
wind farms located in Chapada do Araripe, Piaui, Brazil. The 18-month
contract has an estimated value to Hill of approximately R$4.9 million
($2.2 million).

The wind farm development program includes 115 wind turbines with total
generating capacity of 205 megawatts. Since 2007, Engineering S.A. has
managed the construction of 25 wind farms throughout Brazil generating
more than 760 megawatts of clean electricity.

"We manage all phases of wind farm development, including viability
studies, design, procurement and construction," said Marcelo C.
Herrmann, Director with Engineering S.A. "Our client can have
confidence that we will successfully deliver their wind farm projects,"
added Herrmann.

Hill International