Hofer Powertrain Redefines Battery Development Standards, Eliminating one Sample Phase



Innovative development and testing approaches enable high-maturity, safe, and efficient high-performance batteries

­With a strong development approach, hofer powertrain, a development and technology partner for efficient drivetrain solutions, is setting new standards in battery development. Through a deep understanding and seamless interplay of thermal, mechanical, and safety design, the company enables OEMs and battery developers to realize safe high-performance battery modules in record time.

The development of a high-performance battery modules demands a meticulously balanced integration of all crucial design aspects and comprehensive understanding of the holistic functionality of battery modules. Recognizing that a system's performance is always determined by its weakest link, hofer powertrain advances all functions to the highest possible standards. Drawing on 15 years of industry experience—especially the insights gained over the last 5 years—the team has observed a common pitfall: many OEMs and battery developers tend to focus narrowly on one or two primary objectives, often neglecting one of the three critical design pillars. This oversight can result in even the most sophisticated battery modules failing to perform optimally or meet initial expectations. Leveraging these insights, hofer powertrain has pioneered an optimized solution approach, delivering remarkable results in various customer projects. By addressing thermal, mechanical, and safety design aspects with equal rigor, the team enables rapid realization of high-performance battery modules that set new benchmarks in the industry.

Gerold Sluka, leading battery expert at hofer powertrain, emphasizes: "With the new development approach, we have been realizing high-performance battery modules that are very safe and deliver the best performance for some time now – and not in three prototype phases, as is common in many development projects, but in two. The goal is to achieve an optimal interplay of mechanics, thermal management, and safety at a very early stage of development. This saves valuable development time by avoiding unnecessary sample phases and enabling essential optimization loops to achieve truly optimal results early on: battery packs that allow excellent fast-charging capability and outstanding driving performance."

The extensive expertise and focus on all three essential areas with great precision in daily work, in customer projects as well as in in-house developments and research projects, are the unique selling points of hofer powertrain. Through continuous technology and testing updates for customer projects, hofer powertrain delivers measurable success.

The radical and continuously evolving approaches of the battery teams ensure that customer projects achieve the best results from the start. This significantly shortens time-to-market. With several groundbreaking innovations in the battery market, which cannot be disclosed due to strict confidentiality reasons, hofer powertrain achieves significant milestones for the industry. The company is proud to have realized some of the most important solutions for renowned customers in record time, thereby strengthening their competitiveness.