HP introduces its newest 12-outlet iPDU


Mapping rack-power setup directly to management software

Click image to enlarge: Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

The iPDUs automatically track and monitor rack-installed devices including blade and non-blade servers, storage, and even third-party devices for precise, local and remote, power management of high-density, data centre deployments. The HP iPDU family offers best-in-class power management and control, delivering 99% accuracy — for maintaining spot-on data center growth. Using power cables with embedded communication lines, the HP iPDU family is capable of relaying information to automatically map the power setup inside a rack directly to management software, greatly reducing the risk of human errors that are responsible for most power outages. Automatic mapping speeds configuration and allows for an accurate visual of the rack layout with power connections, advanced power monitoring, and trending to maximize resource allocation in the data center. The HP iPDU also includes built-in remote management with a simple and intuitive browser interface. Although many of the HP iPDU features are vendor-neutral, HP is the first to incorporate PDSs (power-discovery services) which, when specifically combined with HP's line of Platinum and Platinum Plus high-efficiency power supplies, allows the HP iPDU to communicate directly and in greater detail with attached HP ProLiant ML and DL servers and BladeSystem enclosures that are using the HP Intelligent AC Power Module. PDS is unique to HP and allows for auto-discovery of the server when plugged into the power source, automatic redundancy configuration, and an overview of server asset information such as such as server name, UUID (universally-unique Identifier) number, and IP address. Additional HP Intelligent Power Distribution Unit features and benefits include:

  • vendor-neutral load sensing for heterogeneous rack device support,
  • high-precision monitoring of current, voltage, wattage, and power that is nearly 100% accurate,
  • power-cycle ability of individual outlets or pairs of outlets to prevent inrush current overloads and the timing of storage to comeonline before booting servers,
  • better mixing of C13 and C19 outlets for multiple blade enclosures on reduced power drops to the rack,
  • core and stick modular architecture for flexible configurations,
Pricing and Availability The two new 12-outlet iPDUs are three-phase, 17.3 kVA available in both 60 A, 208 V and 30 A 415 V configurations. The entire iPDU family provides both single-phase and three-phase monitored power, as well as full-rack power utility from 4.9 kVA up to 22 kVA and up to 30 outlets. Sold through Authorized Dealers, the newest 12-outlet HP iPDU s with core, extension bars and cabling are available now. U.S. pricing starting at $2099 for a 60-A, 208-V, 17.3-kVA iPDU and $2399 for the 30-A, 415-V, 17.3-kVA iPDU. Hewlett Packard Infrastructure products deeplink