Hybrid Transceiver is an Ideal Space-Saving Solution



Hybrid Transceiver is an Ideal Space-Saving Solution

­Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel Fuse company, and global leader in delivering reliable connectivity solutions, today is launching its highly ruggedized H28-100G-SR4 Transceiver. This new product boasts a BGA mounting bracket and electrical interposer, making it an ideal, space-saving solution for engineers.

The four TX and four RX channels utilize a custom route fiber ribbon that maintains high performance in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, all at a data rate of 25.78 Gbps per channel up to a total of 100 Gbps. Its durability makes it suitable for aerospace, industrial, military, and other harsh environment applications. Professionals can take advantage of the removable, solder-less, pin-less design and tailor the transceiver to fit their specific needs, making it a versatile and efficient option.

Fiber management can be crucial to ensure reliability, and the H28-100G-SR4 Transceiver features Stratos' brand Fiber Flex technology which supports custom pigtail routing. This reduces the need for bulky cable trays and tie downs for a cleaner, more reliable overall design. Additionally, this industry-leading product has a mated height of less than 0.20 inches, and it takes up less than 1 square inch of PCB space, which enables flexibility with tight space-constrained design applications.

●      Summary

o   Product series: H28-100G-SR4

o   Applications: Aerospace, Military, Industrial

o   Distribution availability: TBD

For more information about the H28-100G-SR4 Quad Hybrid Transceiver, visit the products page to see why they’re recommended for all space flight applications.