IDT Introduces World's First Single-Chip Displayport™ Device



Integrated Device Technology, Inc., the Analog and Digital Company delivering essential mixed-signal semiconductor solutions, today announced the latest member of the IDT PanelPort™ ViewXpand™ family — the IDT VMM1400 multi-monitor controller, which is the world's first DisplayPort™-based device to allow the user to connect up to four monitors to a single DisplayPort connection and support vertical image expansion. The IDT VMM1400 multi-monitor controller is compliant with the VESA DisplayPort™ v1.1a and HDMI™ v1.3, and uses one DisplayPort input port and four HDMI or DVI output ports. The plug-and-play configuration of the latest IDT PanelPort ViewXpand solution allows end users to enjoy up to four monitors from a single digital output port. The output can be configured to be in expand mode or clone mode across four displays, which is ideal for applications such as gaming, graphics design or spreadsheet analysis. Or, the user can choose to dedicate each monitor to a separate application. When configured for expanded resolution, the IDT VMM1400 will treat all attached monitors as one single monitor. When the user selects a display resolution that is the same or smaller than the original monitor's native resolution, the IDT VMM1400 will send identical PC screens to each attached monitor. "The DisplayPort standard, when combined with IDT innovation and expertise, continues to provide real-world solutions for IDT customers and consumers. Our breakthrough in multi-monitor display technology allows any system with a DisplayPort port to be instantly multi-monitor capable. Ultimately, multiple monitors is about fundamental productivity gains and improved user experiences," said Ji Park, vice president and general manger of the Video and Display Operation at IDT. "When you spread a PC or consumer platform across up to four screens, you can see more, toggle windows less, make clearer decisions, accomplish more work in less time and generally have an improved user experience. IDT is delighted to be able to extend our innovation and expertise in digital media and display technology to the multi-monitor market." Utilizing DisplayPort interconnect technology, the PanelPort VMM1400 is ideal for a variety of home and office applications, such as finance, gaming, graphic design, industrial design and home entertainment. The IDT VMM1400 is configurable to operate in hub or daisy chain mode. In hub mode, the VMM1400 supports four HDMI or DVI outputs that can display on up to four monitors. In daisy chain mode, the ViewXpand device supports a connection to downstream devices (for example, another VMM1400) to form the daisy chain of monitors compatible with the current DisplayPort standard. For ease of use, the VMM1400 automatically detects the number of monitors connected and adjusts the resolution accordingly. There is no change required on the source device, thus enabling true plug-and-play operation. The IDT VMM1400 device supports full video interface and includes HDCP1.3 content protection for use with Blu-ray™ and DVD movies. The device is the lowest-power multi-monitor solution available, requiring no additional power or external AC adapter when used as a pure DisplayPort adapter. Ultimately, the IDT VMM1400 device provides multi-monitor capability without sacrificing power or performance on the host device. Additional information about IDT is accessible at Follow IDT on Twitter and Facebook.