IDT low-band RF mixer reduces IM3 for 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G systems


New 450MHz LTE-EGSM-BTS diversity mixer covers the low-band spectrum; improves system IM3 performance and reduces power consumption

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The IDTF1102 provides +43 dBm IP3O while dissipating on 1.15 W at 5 V.

Integrated Device Technology has announced a low-band RF mixer that enhances the user's mobile connectivity experience by reducing IMD (intermodulation distortion) in the crowded spectrum for 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G systems. IDT's new BTS (base transceiver station) diversity mixer offers improved system IM3 (third-order IMD) performance with reduced power consumption, covering the 450 MHz LTE (Long-term Evolution) and EGSM (extended global system for mobile communications) frequency range. The IDT F1102 is a low-power, low-distortion dual 400 to 1000 MHz RF-to-IF mixer that improves IM3 by over 15 dB, while simultaneously reducing power consumption by over 40% compared to standard mixers. These performance qualities result in better SNR for improved QoS, along with lowered heat dissipation to ease heat-sinking requirements in the densely-populated radio card enclosure—1.15 W at 5 V and up to +43 dBm IP3O (third-order intercept point). Offering such performance and efficiency, the F1102 is attractive for multi-carrier, multi-mode 4G LTE and EGSM BTS systems. As with other members of IDT's mixer family, the F1102 offers fast settling time and a constant LO (local oscillator) input impedance in power-up and -down modes. This allows customers to power-down the mixer between TDD (time-division duplex) receiver slots, further reducing power consumption. In addition, the IDTF1102 can function with either high-side or low-side injection, and is pin-compatible with existing devices on the market, offering an attractive upgrade option. Availability The IDT F1102 is currently sampling to qualified customers and is available in a 6 x 6 mm, 36-pin QFN package. IDT IDTF1102 product deeplink Mixer-products deeplink