IDTechEx to launch electric vehicle event in Berlin April 2015



IDTechEx is launching Electric Vehicles: Everything will Change, showcasing emerging disruptive electric vehicle (EV) technologies. This event will showcase the advances made and planned by researchers and vehicle makers for land, water and air vehicles. This year we showcase the big new move to integration in place of components-in-a-box. Think in-mold electronics, electronic 3D printing, smart skin plus new systems such as sensor fusion, multiple energy harvesting, in-wheel systems, fast inductive charging.

What to expect
Uniquely, this event looks at how everything will change in an electric vehicle. Disruptive new mechanical, electrical and electronic systems will arrive for an ever widening variety of electric vehicles - 400kW mining and underwater giants to swarming electric flies. Winners penetrate more sectors. Innovation is benchmarked wherever it happens first. For instance, thermoelectrics and energy harvesting shock absorbers will soon appear first in many large vehicles - military to commercial.

Economy of scale with components and smart materials will be achieved by realising, for example, that e-cars, e-vacuum cleaners and e-lawn mowers will all drive themselves using the new sensor fusion. Bodywork of carbon fiber will become structural electronics storing energy, and incorporating printed wiring, embedded sensors and human interfaces - rich new pickings for chemicals and intermediate materials suppliers.

When, where, why, what numbers and value market? It is all here, with emphasis on the 15 year road map, the big research breakthroughs and seismic changes globally. Performance and cost resulting by year will be revealed. Presentations will be delivered by leading innovators from across land, water and air vehicles and their technologies

The Future
Radically new materials, components and systems trialling and planned- case studies
Unmet needs -important materials and components needed by vehicle companies to enable their goals

New Components

Sensors, supercapacitors, batteries, harvesters, telematics, power electronics, smart windows etc. Road map for SiC & GaN power, new motors, supercapacitors replacing both Li-ion batteries and electrolytic capacitors. Understand planned quantum dot devices, harvesting windows and the many new range extenders -not just fuel cells.

New Materials
Graphene, carbon nanotubes, self-healing polymers, stretchable and transparent electronics, composites, heat management materials, routes to >40% efficient PV etc.

New Vehicle Systems
Autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, robotics, in-wheel systems, 48V & 700V systems, inductive fast charging etc.

This event will help you assess the disruptive new technologies and opportunities for components and systems of broad horizontal applicability to many different vehicle types - from e-drones to e-buses, e-cars to e-scooters. Come to Berlin 28-29 April. There is a 50% attendee discount until Friday 19 December.\

Electric Vehicles: Everything will Change