IEC-Style C6 Inlet is UL Uprated to 7A/125 VAC



SCHURTER announces a change to the UL/CSA ratings for its 2561/2562 series IEC C6 inlet. The inlet conforms with the standards update UL 498 & CSA C22.2 to UL 60320-1, where the ratings are also updated to reflect both IEC 2.5A at 250 VAC and UL 7A at 125 VAC.

With the trend toward downsizing equipment to achieve smaller form factors, the power supply is often an area under review for design improvements. The size of a power inlet is dictated by regulatory standards, which also corresponds with standards for detachable mating cord sets. These standardized sizes may therefore impose space constraints in the equipment. Within the IEC standard, typical styles are C6, C14 and C20 with varying power ratings. The C6 inlet can reduce the overall area consumed on the panel by up to 40% over the C14 inlet. The trade-off however is a reduction in ratings. For instance, the C6 is rated 2.5A verses the C14 at 10A according to the IEC standard. The UL standard has a rating difference of 7A versus 15A. Nonetheless, many applications require less power consumption and therefore the C6 with its smaller form factor is potentially an ideal solution.

Examples of applications include portable medical lab, therapeutic, cosmetic surgical devices used in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices, pro audio equipment and datacom routers/switchers.

The 2561 offers holes for countersunk screws, while the 2562 has holes for regular or flush mount screws. Varying terminals are offered including long and short solder or PCB terminals. A combination of terminals is also possible with the 2561, for instance short solder terminals for L and N and long solder terminal for E.

SCHURTER offers a full range of IEC appliance inlets and outlets, including a smaller C8 version without ground terminal for appliances commonly used in homes. Link to datasheets 2561and 2562.