IGBT-driver cores from CONCEPT target 10- to 75-kVA inverters and servo drives



IGBT-driver manufacturer CT-Concept Technologie AG, a Power Integrations company, has launched an IGBT-driver core designed to suit inverters operating in the power range from 10-75 kVA. The new dual-channel 2SC0106T drivers simplify the design process and provide a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to competing designs based on discrete components and optocouplers. CONCEPT's IGBT drivers are based on the company's proprietary SCALE-2 ASIC technology, which incorporates all required functions: driving, monitoring, status acknowledgement, isolated voltage supply (DC/DC converters) and isolation of all signals between the control and power sections. This saves space, improves reliability, increases performance and reduces design time. The 2SC0106T drives 600 V to 1200 V IGBTs with collector currents up to 450 A, switching at frequencies of up to 20 kHz. Comments Michael Hornkamp, director of technical marketing at CONCEPT: "The 2SC0106T driver is UL-recognized under E321757 for UL508C and E346491 for UL60950-1 and approved for Safe Torque Operation (STO), making it ideal for servo drives used in industrial applications, UPS and solar inverters. " CT-Concept Technologie