Improving Communication Between Power Grids, Smart Meters


Introduces a signal barrier between the smart meter and the household installation without affecting smart meter’s communication

Schaffner announces the introduction of the world’s first Active Line Impedance Stabilizer (ALIS). The ALIS is designed to improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for power line communication between the public power grid and smart meters. It introduces an impedance “barrier” between the smart meter and the household without affecting the smart meter’s communication.

There is a world-wide trend for city-developers to transform their infrastructure into smart grids. In smart cities power distribution will be more flexible. Traditionally energy distribution was linear; with large power stations producing energy transferred over a power grid to consumers. With the introduction of solar power and other renewable sources a consumer can become a producer and sell electricity back to energy companies. To keep up with such new developments, smart energy grids can help to organise this new model for distribution of electrical energy.

The new Schaffner ALIS brings benefits to every part of smart meter roll out. Key features for systems developers include no losses at main frequency, no reactive power losses, no galvanic connection in power line, no contact reliability risk which assures safe use and fail proof operation protecting the system, and very low extra energy costs providing cost saving compared to passive solutions. ALIS is small and lightweight compared to passive solutions, may be DIN-Rail mounted and is safe for service engineers to work on.

Programme managers and buyers will appreciate the reductions in meter reading costs, increased KPI with 24hr availability, and increased meter availability with15-minute snapshots of consumption transmitted once per 24 hours to network planners providing information of how the network is performing. Extensive support from Schaffner, the market leader in EMC solutions, flexible supply with audits and product tracing are available.

ALIS are typically used by grid operators to improve PLC after a smart meter roll-out. If the smart meter cannot be reached and the reason is low impedance problem on the customer side, the ALIS is the device of choice. The ALIS will introduce up to several tens of Ohm of impedance in the frequency range enhancing the signal-to-noise-ratio (SNRE) for more reliable power line communication. It supports G3, as well as other CENELEC A band standards.

For more information, visit Schaffner's site.