Indium Corporation Announces New Jetting Solder Paste



Indium Corporation continues to develop innovative solder paste solutions to fit customers’ needs. PicoShot NC-5M is designed for customers needing a no-clean halogen-free SAC305 solder paste for their Mycronic jetting systems or add-on and repair modules.

PicoShot NC-5M jetting solder paste is the first material to come out of Indium Corporation’s new partnership with Mycronic. 

PicoShot NC-5M is a no-clean halogen-free solder paste approved after joint Indium/Mycronic technical development with Mycronic’s MY 600/700 jetting systems. PicoShot can be used in standalone applications, such as system-in-package (SiP), jetting into cavities, stencil-replacement, shield attach, and microBGA. It also complements the stencil printing of Indium8.9HF. Designed as a no-clean solder paste, PicoShot can be cleaned easily with industry standard cleaning solutions.

PicoShot NC-5M’s formulation meets or exceeds:

  • ANSI/IPC J-STD-004B ROL0 requirements
  • Halogen-free requirements per IPC and IEC61249-2-21 standards
  • IPC standards for SIR and ECM

Additionally, PicoShot:

  • Provides exceptional jetting performance for a halogen-free Pb-free solder paste
  • Reflows in air or nitrogen (ppm O2 level from 50-1,000)
  • Has a clear residue with minimal flow-out
  • Significantly reduces of head-in-pillow (HIP)
  • Eliminates or significantly reduces graping
  • Minimizes reflow spatter

Indium Corporation also offers a PicoShot™ NC-5M conditioner (purging gel) designed to allow the rapid purging, cleaning, and long-term storage of jetting, dispense, and microdispense systems without the use of liquid solvents. PicoShot Conditioner C-1 is a chemically benign, bright blue-colored translucent, viscous gel that aids in visual endpoint detection and prevents inconsistent dispense volumes and clogging caused by solder paste dry-out.

To learn more about Indium Corporation’s new jetting paste, visit - jetting-paste.