Inductors: Compact multilayer power inductors boost energy efficiency (TDK-EPC Corporation)



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TDK-EPC Corporation, a group company of TDK Corporation, presents the TDK MLP2012V series of low-profile and energy efficient multilayer power inductors that help to reduce power dissipation in portable devices such as smartphones, mobile phones and digital cameras. Production begins in July 2011. The new inductors profit primarily from TDK's advanced materials technology. The low-loss ferrite material used reduces core losses. When used as the power inductors in power supply circuits, they improve power conversion efficiency by up to 6 percent compared to the existing MLP2012S series. In addition, the DC superposition characteristics of the component are enhanced, thus raising rated current. The new series is available with inductance values of 0.47 and 1.0 μH and current capabilities of 900 and 1100 mA. The new inductors are offered in the compact 2012 case size and feature an insertion height of just 1.0 mm. Together with the 2520 size components, TDK-EPC now offers an even greater selection of power inductors for a wide range of portable devices. The TDK MLP2012-V series is designed for use in the power supply circuits of portable electronic devices, which are equipped with increasingly diverse functions. Their continuous use under high load, for example for gaming or as cameras, can result in rapid battery drain. The TDK MLP2012-V series helps to lower power consumption by boosting the conversion efficiency of power supply circuits.