Industry's First ESA-Certified D-Sub Backshell and Haloring


Specifically designed for the Space market, the D-sub backshells and halorings are certified by the European Space Agency….

C&K is now blazing a trail into the space market by being the first manufacturer to seek out and obtain certification from the European Space Agency (ESA) for a Backshell with Haloring, answering the call for a stamp of approval previously unrealized by similar products.

The D-Sub Lightweight Backshell is a key element in protecting connectors and cables in space applications with tight weight and space constraints. C&K now offers new variants to answer customer needs in applications where shielding is required.

The D-Sub Backshell and Haloring are available in two quality grades: the ESA/ESCC certified and the Engineering model. Both models are mainly focused on the space market, with applications in launchers, satellites and spacecraft, with a main use in harnesses.

With 11 outlet shapes among 6 different sizes of shells, and a choice of gold or nickel finish, C&K is confident that there is a solution for any consumer’s needs. This variety comes with ultra-long reliability, compact size, and easier tolerance management.

For more information on C&K's new D-Sub Backshell and Haloring Series including details and specifications, please visit C&K.