Industry's First Precision Operational Amplifier With More Than ±30 V Of Integrated Input Over-Voltage Protection Unveiled By Analog Devices



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Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced the ADA4096-2 dual, precision-micropower operational amplifier (op amp) -- the industry's first precision op amp with more than ±30 V of integrated input over-voltage protection (OVP). This industry-leading level of internal input OVP, which extends 32 V above and below the supply rails, means that analog designers using the ADA4096-2 can eliminate or minimize their external OVP solutions to save product development time, component cost and board space. The ADA4096-2 improves overall system accuracy and eases error budgeting and analysis by eliminating the uncontrolled and poorly specified error sources associated with external input OVP components while delivering a higher level of over-voltage protection in a robust single-chip design. The ADA4096-2 draws only 60 uA of power per amplifier and features twice the bandwidth and half the voltage noise of its competitors. This makes it a good choice for analog engineers designing industrial sensors and other applications needing precision signal handling, high accuracy and ultra-low power consumption such as process controls, high density or loop-powered industrial instrumentation and battery-powered medical devices where voltage levels can drop or spike quickly.

Since op amps can be damaged if the signal they are monitoring is live when its power supplies are not available, the ADA4096-2's input OVP was designed to remain active even when power is not applied. This feature protects the inputs even during power on/power off sequencing and in low power sleep and standby modes of operation and helps ensure continuous operation of the entire electronic system. The unique design of the ADA4096-2 allows it to achieve 800 kHz of unity gain bandwidth. Combined with a low typical 35 uV of offset voltage and 1 uV/?C typical of temperature drift, the new op amp provides designers with higher dc precision over temperature, reducing the need to calibrate to achieve high accuracy measurements. With a low voltage noise of 27 nV/vHz, the ADA4096-2 improves accuracy under all operating conditions. The ADA4096-2 is fully specified to operate from a 3-V to 30-V single-voltage supply over the extended industrial temperature range (?40°C to +125°C). Follow ADI on Twitter at subscribe to Analog Dialogue, ADI's monthly technical journal, visit: