Infineon Introduces 5th Generation SiC Schottky barrier diodes



Click image to enlarge: Infineon SiC Schottky barrier diodes generation 5

Infineon's proprietary diffusion soldering process, introduced with Generation 3, is now combined with a new, more compact design and advancements in TWT (thin-wafer technology) bringing improved thermal characteristics and a Figure of Merit (Qc x Vf) some 30% lower with respect to the preceding Infineon SiC diode families. The result is a series of products delivering improved efficiency in PFC and Boost stages over all load conditions with respect to all previous generations. The Generation 5 products are targeted for use in high-end server and telecom SMPS, PC Silverbox, lighting, solar Inverters, and UPS systems. With the new generation, these applications not only benefit from improved efficiency, but also from reduced EMI, increased system reliability, and cost and size savings due to reduced cooling requirements. "Infineon has significantly improved and expanded the portfolio since the first introduction of its SiC Schottky diodes in 2001. SiC diodes are differentiating products, shaping the future of green energy," says Jan-Willem Reynaerts, product segment Head of High Voltage Power Conversion at Infineon Technologies. "The Generation 5 enables further improvements in system efficiency and power density compared to previous generations, in combination with an attractive price-performance ratio." The low capacitive charge (Qc) values of Generation 3 combined with the forward voltage (Vf) levels of Generation 2 allow Generation 5 to deliver utmost efficiency levels in PFC circuits. The new family has a higher breakdown voltage level: 650 V instead of the 600 V of Generations 2 and 3. This feature provides higher safety margins in applications like solar inverters and in challenging SMPS environments. Generation 5 offers high robustness against surge currents and a broader portfolio including products with both higher current ratings and new packages, such as TO-247 and ThinPAK. Samples are available now. Infineon SiC Schottky barrier diodes generation-5 deeplink