Infineon launches advanced high-power-module platform with royalty-free license of package design



Royalty-Free License of Package Design for Industry Use

Infineon Technologies announced the launch of two new power module platforms designed to improve the performance of high-voltage IGBTs in voltage classes from 1200V up to 6.5kV. To make the benefits of the new module broadly available, Infineon is offering a royalty-free license of the design to all providers of IGBT power modules. First products using the platform concept will include the high voltage classes 3.3kV (450A), 4.5kV (400A), and 6.5kV (275 A) with a newly designed package measuring 100mm x 140mm x 40mm. The new modules will be introduced during PCIM which will take place in Nuremberg from May 19 – 21, 2015. Additionally, a package design for the lower voltage classes is being developed.

Reliable, high performance IGBT modules are a workhorse technology for electrical switching of industrial and traction drives, wind and solar energy systems and long-distance electrical transmission. Through a more than twenty-year history of use, chip technology developments have allowed IGBTs to meet demands for higher energy efficiency and higher operating temperature, as well as miniaturization, reliability and cost reduction with little modification to the standard packaging technology. As applications face more and more demanding and harsh environments this approach is reaching its limit, making a change in package technology of high-power modules a key to continued performance improvement.

The new module platform developed by Infineon addresses the emerging system requirements for high-power density, energy efficiency, long lifecycle and robustness. Its flexible concept allows the connection of similar parts in parallel, thus enabling a simplified structure to be used for the DC link terminal and capacitor. The AC terminals can be connected in parallel with only one busbar. The flexibility and scalability of the new modules will simplify system design considerably, thus supporting the time-to market requirements of developers. Utilizing the latest package technology the new high-power module also will help to reduce overall system cost and ensure future-proofing of designs.

“Taking into account the increasing challenges IGBT technology is facing, we are very pleased to present a package that answers the needs of our industry both for today and for the foreseeable future. We are most certain that the new module package will be of great benefit for all demanding high-power applications,” said Markus Hermwille, Director High Power Segment of the Industrial Power Control Division at Infineon Technologies AG. “It is our aim to secure a broad and reliable base for the supply of the new high-power platform, which is why we are inviting the industry to make use of the design.”

Infineon's high-power platform