Infineon launches space PowerMOS devices


Devices in BUY25CSXX family to support efficient power conditioning and supply

Infineon Technologies AG has launched new radiation hardened PowerMOS devices in the BUY25CSXX family to support the design of efficient power conditioning and supply systems for space use. Infineon designed the power switching devices specifically for use in space and avionics applications and combines Infineon's experience in transistors and in MOS switching devices. The first radiation hardened devices in the BUY25CSXX series Infineon released are two 250 V (54 A and 12.4 A) and one 100 V (12.4 A) device. The 12.4 A devices are available in SMD05 packages and the 54 A device is available in the SMD2 package. ??Radiation hardened PowerMOS devices are hardened against TID (total ionizing dose) and SEE (single event effects) that meet requirements of the ESA (European Space Agency) and are fully qualified according to ESCC5000.?? Devices for engineering modules as well as qualified devices for flight modules are in production and can be ordered from authorised Infineon distributors.