Infineon's New Rectifier Module with integrated MOSFET Chopper for PFC



Infineon Technologies offers new Easy 1B single-phase rectifier modules with MOSFET chopper for Power Factor Correction in order to support customers in offering optimised solutions. Applications for these new modules include drives, air conditioning, pumps, fans and welding. The new modules come with several advantages: CoolMOS™ Power Transistors plus ThinQ!™ Silicon Carbide Schottky diodes enable highest efficiency of the PFC stage. Infineon 50A rectifier diodes provide very low conduction losses. Higher output currents can be achieved using the same line input. Up to 5.5kW inverter rating are achievable from only 16A single phase input current. Highest reliability can be achieved due to PressFIT contacts. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is an important topic in power electronics. According to IEC 61000-3-2 electrical and electronic equipment having an input current up to and including 16A per phase, and intended to be connected to public low-voltage distribution systems as well as arc welding equipment which is not professional equipment, with input current up to and including 16A per phase, is subject to limits for harmonic current emissions.