Infineon's OptiMOS 5 boasts a breakthrough reduction in on-state resistance and reverse recovery charge



OptiMOS 5 150 V

Aiming at high efficiency designs and applications, Infineon Technologies introduces the OptiMOS 5 150 V portfolio. This product family further expands the industry leading OptiMOS 5 generation of power MOSFETs. The new 150 V product family is especially optimized for high performance applications which require low charges, high power density and yet high ruggedness. It is an important contributor to Infineon’s system solutions for low voltage drives, synchronous rectification in telecom rectifiers and brick converters as well as solar power optimizers.

Greener technologies

Infineon is constantly developing products which help to reduce the global CO 2 emissions by enabling high efficiency designs. OptiMOS 5 150 V contributes to this goal by decreasing the power consumption of telecommunication equipment or increasing the power and range of electric vehicles.

Compared to the next best alternative, OptiMOS 5 150 V offers a breakthrough reduction in on-state resistance R DS(on) of 25 percent in a SuperSO8 package. With the same R DS(on) the FOM g of this product family is improved by up to 29 percent over the previous generation. Increased commutation ruggedness is provided by the ultra-low Q rr, which is 72 percent lower than the next best alternative in SuperSO8. An additional outstanding feature of this product family is an improved EMI behaviour. 

OptiMOS 5 150 V