Infrared Series for Face Recognition Solutions



Shulin, New Taipei City - EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. releases three new infrared products that support the smart automation of automotive devices to make our lives more convenient.

The VS-FI3535 LED Series is suitable for driver facial recognition. The ALS-DPDIC17 LED Series can be used for automatic dimming of rear view mirrors and dashboard lights. The IR12-21C/TR8-AM LED, paired with the
PD12-21C/TR8-AM, provides improved accuracy and sensitivity in touch screens. EVERLIGHT is committed to developing more products with smarter solutions.

A major development trend is innovation to create even more intelligent and smart automobiles. In terms of focus and attention of a driver, EVERLIGHT’s VS-FI3535 LED Series can perceive the driver’s eyes and facial expressions
to easily identify gaze focus, daze or distraction. The VS-FI3535-D110-85/L2-W0940/TR8-AM (2.8W, 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.6mm) has a wavelength of 940nm and an emitting angle of 110° x 85°. The wavelength shift over temperature is 0.07nm/K, the operating temperature is -40°C~+105°C. It has quick response time as well as qualification based on guidelines of AEC-Q102. Differing in divergence regarding target detection and efficiency from regular LED and EEL, the VS-FI3535 Series combines the quality and safety which sums up to be the best choice for driver facial recognition applications.

The ALS-DPDIC17 Series is optical sensing components with a dimension of 2.0x2.0x0.63mm, resolution of 16bits, operating current of 160mA and sensing luminance of 0.0033 to 83,000lx. Not only can it be used for adjusting the
reflected light on the rear and side mirrors, but also for dashboard light dimming.

The IR opto-sensors IR12-21C/TR8-AM and PD12-21C/TR8-AM are used to sense touch in any condition. Even when wearing gloves to click the automotive touchscreen, it can be easily read without interference to quickly and
accurately sense the signals on the screen, delivering more flexibility to the user.

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