Innoscience Launches 80mΩ RDS(on) 650V GaN HEMTs


Low RDS(on) parts in industry-standard packages are very cost-competitive

Yi Sun, Sr VP of product development at Innoscience

Innoscience Technology announced a new low RDS(on) 650V E-mode GaN HEMT devices. INN650D080BS power transistors have an on-resistance of 80mΩ (60mΩ typical) in a standard 8x8 DFN package, enabling higher power applications, for example in totem pole LLC architectures or fast battery-chargers.

Explains Yi Sun, Sr VP of product development at Innoscience: “We are now able to address high density, high efficiency power conversion applications. Like all our other 650V HEMTs, these new parts are qualified to JEDEC standards for chip and package, and they have also passed DHSOL (Dynamic High Temperature Operating Life) reliability testing according to JEP180 and accelerated life tests up to 1000V give lifetime calculations of 36 years (520V; 150°C; 0.01% failure rate).”

Thanks to Innoscience’s innovative strain enhancement layer, InnoGaN devices features low specific RDS(ON) as well as very low dynamic RDS(ON) and excellent reliability. The new 80mΩ RDS(on) parts also feature very good drain source voltage transient (VDS, transient) and pulsed (VDS, pulsed) characteristics – 800V and 750V respectively. Moreover, similarly to the other 650V products, the new 80mΩ RDS(on) devices feature a strong ESD protection circuit embedded in the die to ease mass production assembly of these device in package and easy handling. In this case, however, the ESD circuit has been modified to allow a larger negative gate voltage swing down to -6V.

The new low RDS(on) INN650D080BS power transistors, which are available in industry-standard 8x8 DFN packages, join previously-announced 140mΩ,190mΩ, 240mΩ, 350 mΩ, 500mΩ and 600 mΩ RDS(on) parts, creating a significant portfolio of available devices, which is continuously expanding towards lower RDS(on) values.

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