InnoSwitch4-QR Slashes Component Count in High Efficiency Flyback Designs Up to 220 W



InnoSwitch4-QR Slashes Component Count in High Efficiency Flyback Designs Up to 220 W

­Power Integrations has recently announced the InnoSwitch4-QR family of high-frequency, quasi-resonant flyback switcher ICs, designed for compact chargers and adapters up to 220 W. These highly integrated devices minimize transformer size and offer high power density without the need for heatsinks. Two design examples below showcase 93% efficiency and below 55 mW no-load consumption as a result of using InnoSwitch4-QR.

The new ICs feature a robust 750 V PowiGaN primary switch and a steady-state switching frequency of up to 155 kHz. When paired with HiperPFS-5 power factor correction (PFC) ICs, they can deliver up to 220 W output in simple flyback designs for high-power applications that don't require an active clamp drive, such as:

• Servers and PC standby power supplies

• Appliances and industrial control

• Gaming laptop adapters

• TV and monitor adapters

• Power tool chargers

Two design example reports are available for download, demonstrating the high performance and design simplicity of InnoSwitch4-QR devices:

DER-993 – 72 W Power Supply for Appliances

• 12 V, 6 A output, 90-265 VAC universal input

• Higher than 93% efficiency at 230 VAC input

• Less than 55 mW no-load consumption at 230 VAC input

• Only 44 components, no heatsinks required

DER-1021 – 150 W 2-Stage Flyback 3-Way Dimmable LED Ballast

• Higher than 92.5% system level efficiency

• Integrated PFC function, power factor higher than 0.95

• 3-Way Dimming (0-10VDC, 10 V PWM, and variable resistance)

• Very low adjusted total harmonic distortion (ATHD) and ripple current

InnoSwitch4-QR devices use a FluxLink feedback link, providing direct sensing of the output voltage and offering benefits such as accurate regulation and extremely fast transient response. The devices are fully protected, featuring auto-restart or latching fault response for output over-voltage and under-voltage protection, multiple output under-voltage fault thresholds, and latching or hysteretic primary over-temperature protection. To learn more, visit the InnoSwitch4-QR product page.