Innovative fiber-optic termination ideal for defense and aerospace applications



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ITT Interconnect Solutions, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of connectors, interconnects and cable assemblies, has developed an innovative fiber-optic interconnect solution specifically for harsh environment applications. Utilizing a tunable size 22 fiber-optic termination system, the PHD38999 Series interconnect is qualified to the industry-standard M38999 specification, making it suitable for use in demanding defense and aerospace applications, including vision systems, flight connectors and control systems. ITT's PHD38999 Series connector, with its unique size 22 termination system, successfully passed comprehensive Design Verification Testing (DVT), including meeting stringent specifications for mating repeatability, temperature cycling, vibration, mechanical shock, humidity and mating durability. The PHD38999 Series connector offers high density of up to 50 channels per square inch. The innovative connector also features removable sleeve inserts that allow direct end-face access for termination cleaning and inspection. The PHD Series' termination retention is achieved via ITT's patented Little Caesar contact retention clip technology, which provides unparalleled flexibility for installing, servicing, cleaning and repairing a single optical channel. DVT results for the size 22 PHD38999 terminations showed less than 0.20dB Change in Transmittance (CIT) after five hundred mating and de-mating cycles. The temperature cycling test was performed between extremes of -55°C and +105°C, with the connector being held at these extreme temperatures for an hour. Further details are available in an Applications Note downloadable from: