Innovolt and Katun Corp announce strategic relationship



The future of electronics protection

Innovolt has announced a strategic relationship with office-equipment-industry supplier Katun, extending Innovolt's technology in the office-equipment market and expanding into new geographic markets. Innovolt will provide its diagnostic communications technology through Katun in Latin America and solidify its presence in Canada, working with GSS (Genuine Supply Source), a privately-owned wholesale distributor of imaging supplies and Katun's exclusive Canadian distributor. With margins constantly under pressure, office-equipment dealers can not afford down time and unnecessary service calls due to power disturbances. Industry distributors, including Katun and GSS, have collaborated with Innovolt to supply products that provide increased protection from power grid disturbances, showcasing Innovolt's expertise in the office equipment market and accelerating its current product distribution. "As the office equipment industry continues to evolve, Katun is committed to providing customers with the key products and services that make them efficient and profitable. Our customers have experienced less equipment down time due to Innovolt's power-protection technology," says Katun CEO and President, Carlyle Singer. Innovolt electronics power-protection technology fills the gap between surge and UPS being cost-effective, highly scalable, and integratable, significantly increasing product reliability and lifespan. Looking at the usage of power in the Americas, demand for electricity is forecasted to grow by 40% in the US alone. In South America, demand for electricity is projected to double over the next few years, outstripping generation capacity and the ageing infrastructure, causing increasing power disturbances. According to a study by the Canadian Electrical Association and the Conference Board of Canada called Canada's Electricity Infrastructure: Building a Case for Investment, there is an immense amount of work needed to improve Canada's source of power. The study suggests that a total investment of $293.8 billion is necessary between 2011 and 2030 to service old infrastructure and boost power generation from other sources. "By implementing Innovolt's technology, we can assure that our dealers in Canada are receiving superior equipment with quality protection that limits down time for users," states Dave MacMillan, MD, Genuine Supply Source. "We are seeing great success with the relationship between Innovolt and Katun Corporation and anticipate that integrating Innovolt's technology into our product line will result in similar success." Innovolt Katun Also mentioned GSS Canadian Electrical Association Conference Board of Canada Report: Canada's Electricity Infrastructure: Building a Case for Investment