Innovolt’s H1000 protection device saves equipment from damaging disturbances



Innovolt’s H1000 power protection appliance

Innovolt, a leading provider of intelligent asset management technology, announced the availability of the H1000, aimed at protecting equipment from regular and costly downtime. Innovolt’s H1000 power protection appliance incorporates Innovolt’s core technology that has been proven to solve costly issues tied to power and facility related disturbances to ensure the reliability of equipment. Designed for production environments where electricity is hardwired and not plugged in, this appliance is the next evolution of the company’s Remote Optimization Control technology (ROC™) created to increase uptime for industrial equipment.

It has been proven that one of the most common factors affecting the reliability of equipment is power anomalies. Equipment that regularly breaks down or jams has a direct impact on the bottom line through the cost of lost production, lost capacity, maintenance and repairs and wasted labor. Recently, Gartner reported that more than 70 percent of manufacturers are evaluating, planning, or implementing smart technologies for maintenance and optimization of their own assets to improve business processes and production.

Features include:
-Protection from power and facility-related issues
-Reduction in hardware malfunctions
-Optimization of performance and extended life of electronics
-Prevention from unscheduled downtime
-Reduction in the cost of ownership (premature part replacements, support costs, on-site repairs, etc.)
-Insight on actionable power quality data to resolve electrical issues
-Access to Innovolt’s cloud management platform

“Innovolt’s team of engineers has been working diligently to evolve our technology offering into a form best suited for the manufacturing industry and commercial operations needing a hardwired solution. Facing power-related issues daily that jeopardize business processes and products, the H1000 was developed to improve the quality of power flowing into equipment and increase the meantime between failures for expensive components,” explains Ben Grimes, CTO at Innovolt. “No one else in the industry is providing the comprehensive protection and management tool we’ve developed. We’re confident that implementing the H1000 will result in immediate cost and time savings.”