Integrated high-voltage regulator transistors from Diodes Incorporated improve power density



The ZXTR2000 family of high-voltage regulators from Diodes Incorporated boosts power-circuit densities through reductions in component count and footprint by monolithically integrating a transistor, Zener diode and resistor into a standard SOT89 package. Principle applications for the devices are in networking, telecom and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) where they are ideal voltage supply regulators for primary-side controllers in 48V DC-DC PSUs. The ZXTR2005Z, ZXTR2008Z and ZXTR2012Z regulator transistors provide designers with high-voltage regulation by taking a nominal 48V input and generating fixed output voltages of 5V, 8V and 12V, where standard linear regulators cannot be used. The line and load regulation capabilities within the devices safeguard continuous operation by preventing latch-up from transient voltage drops. Additionally, the unique structure allows the input to successfully tolerate spurious voltages up to a maximum of 100V, creating a safety margin in the event of transient over-voltage conditions. ZXTR2000 high-voltage regulator transistors are priced at $0.15 USD each in 10k quantities. Diodes Incorporated